Chapter Beginnings


The year is 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt launches the Great White Fleet, Ellis Island processes over one million immigrants, actress Katherine Hepburn is born and in Camden, South Carolina, a group of ladies meet and create the Hobkirk Hill Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR or DAR).

Chapter History

1907- Hobkirk Hill Chapter NSDAR organized.

1908- Purchased and restored the Robert Mills Court House. Meetings and social functions were held in "Chapter Hall."  Lecture and relic rooms were opened to the public.


1909- Erected a large granite monument at the Camden Battlefield in honor of Baron DeKalb.

1912- William Edwards donated to the chapter one acre of land which surrounded the DeKalb marker.

1930- Installed Baron DeKalb's original gravestone behind the exterior steps of the Robert Mills Court House; added stone marker in 1939.

1933- Robert Mills Court House given it to the City of Camden for a small amount with stipulation it be used as a relic museum.

1942- Turned care of the Joseph Kershaw Cemetery over to the deLoach family.

1942- William Edwards donated to the chapter five additional acres adjoining the original acre at Camden Battlefield.

1948- Established "DeKalb Park" at Camden Battlefield.

IMG_20190625_170536969_2 (1).jpg

1957- Erected a monument to mark 176th Anniversary of the Battle of Hobkirk Hill.

1959- Placed a large commemorative boulder in Quaker Cemetery in memory of Samuel Wyly who, two hundred years before, had given four acres of land for "a meeting house and graveyard."


1961- Camden Battlefield declared a National Historic Landmark.

1965- Installed a bronze marker at the grave of former regent, Sadie von Tresckow.

1965- Moved Battle of Hobkirk Hill monument from Broad Street to Kirkwood Common at request of the owners of original site.

1965- Placed three DAR historical markers on right of Broad Street.

1966- Camden Battlefield included in National Register of Historic Places.

1977- Erected US Highway 521 directional marker for Camden Battlefield site.

1996- Held dedication for National Historic Landmark plaque for Camden Battlefield. 

2005- Donated the six-acre property at Battle of Camden site to Palmetto Conservation Foundation for park development.

2006- Held dedication for DAR Bronze Plaque at Robert Mills Court House.


2007- Celebrated l00th anniversary of the chapter with programs, publicity, displays, tree planting, and other events.

2010-  Continuing work on the preservation of the Battle of Camden site.

2012- Awarded the first chapter scholarships to high school students.


2016- Assisted with the first annual Kids’ Fourth of July Parade.